On this website I show the progress of my dollhouse. This, in half scale built, dollhouse consists of 5 Amsterdam Canal Houses. This dollhouse is a replica of the premises built at the Bickersgracht in Amsterdam in the 18th and 19th centuries. They still exist. This building was made by a grandfather for his granddaughter. When he was finished the granddaughter had other interests and the building was sold.

Christmas gifts from Marie-Louise

Look what a beautiful half scale presents I received during the 12 days of Christmas swap.

This stunning table with inlaid veneer table top is designed and made by Marie-Louise. The 1930s kitchen cabinet is, I suspect, a kit of Jane Harrop. The carafe is so delicately and beautifully and the lamp is also homemade.

       Also a nice skull I got.
       I already do have a great idea what to do with this.
I am very spoiled with all these beautiful gifts. Thank you again Marie-Louise.

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