On this website I show the progress of my dollhouse. This, in half scale built, dollhouse consists of 5 Amsterdam Canal Houses. This dollhouse is a replica of the premises built at the Bickersgracht in Amsterdam in the 18th and 19th centuries. They still exist. This building was made by a grandfather for his granddaughter. When he was finished the granddaughter had other interests and the building was sold.


The next question I read in the newspaper this morning. Because this question, accompanied by the answer, also include the Bickersgracht I placed him here.

Why are the ceilings of the Dutch Canal Houses so high?
The high ceilings are a result of the high windows. The higher the windows, the more light could enter in order to provide the houses of light.
The tax on houses was then determined by the width of the facade. Many houses were relatively narrow, but very deep. Except daylight it was dependent on candles.
Glass making was a costly, high windows were a sign of status. Many old houses have windows partitions, because it was not possible to make large areas continuous glass.
source: de Telgraaf, zaterdag 5 oktober 2013


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