On this website I show the progress of my dollhouse. This, in half scale built, dollhouse consists of 5 Amsterdam Canal Houses. This dollhouse is a replica of the premises built at the Bickersgracht in Amsterdam in the 18th and 19th centuries. They still exist. This building was made by a grandfather for his granddaughter. When he was finished the granddaughter had other interests and the building was sold.

Something in between

On the site of Elizabeth, to be precise here, I found the prints to make the McLoughlin Folding Doll House. This would fit well in the toyshop I am making as a project this year. While making the folding dollhouse in 12th scale the thought came to me to make this folding dollhouse also in 24th scale for the girlsroom in the Bickersgracht.
Here you see the folding dollhouse in both scales. I put a ruler in front of it so you can see the sizes of each scale.

Some technical details about the 24th scale dollhouse:
The print is printed on 80 grams paper. (thicker paper would be too coarse for this scale, I find)
With tacky glue the pages are glued, when the glue is dry the walls will be strong enough.
I did use off-white paper to print on, not the plain white printer paper.
The print is coated with transparent nail polish. (hopefully it hold against discoloration)

In the meantime Elizbeth also made a couple of 24th pdfs for those who would like to make such a tiny folding dollhouse. If you are interested you will find them here.



  1. It is quite amazing that something so small can be so detailed. It is very beautiful.

    1. It did wonder me too Wyrna.

      Regards, Krin

  2. Wonderful Krin!
    Danke voor de link