On this website I show the progress of my dollhouse. This, in half scale built, dollhouse consists of 5 Amsterdam Canal Houses. This dollhouse is a replica of the premises built at the Bickersgracht in Amsterdam in the 18th and 19th centuries. They still exist. This building was made by a grandfather for his granddaughter. When he was finished the granddaughter had other interests and the building was sold.

Little progress

It remains quiet here. To continue with the house I first want the doors mounted on an other way. At the moment the doors are mounted with piano hinges. I want to change these. I would like to have the possibility to remove the doors completely. On this way the house takes less room when I want to set it open.
It is quite hard to find the right hinge for this finding. The onces I did find at the moment are a bit to large. But with a little patience I will find them.

 In the meantime I'm not standing still. There is some information I am looking for. Such as a nice double door that connects the staircase with the living room. And ways to decorate the walls. No new pictures of the house itself now.
But I can show you other furniture that I've made in the past.
These easy chairs I found in a book called: How to build modern furniture by Mario Dal Fabbro. A great book which includes lots of projects with line drawings, material list, and instructions how to make real life furniture. With this complete information I made these chairs in half scale.
With a picture as an example I made this telescope. Not that bad I think.
The stove is made with some measurement information I found on the internet. What would we do without the internet?
Some technical information about how I made the stove. The oven tray is made of an empty eye shadow tin, the hotspots are made ​​from button parts. The stove pipe is made from a straw.


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  1. The whole thing is impressive good work. So well done, you can be proud of your ability. I love your telescope.